Dear Colleagues,

Antalya is already well-known among this present group which consists of global top-level scientists and extraordinary laborers of science who have been striving to advance this country beyond world standards across the relevant subject. I have brought thousands of heart-felt salutations to each of you, surging through a history of thousands of years, from each and every part of Antalya.

I believe that this congress will allow you to experience those sacred and wonderful feelings which one obtains through teaching and learning, although not being able to explain precisely most of the time. The extent of the brainstorming you would generate here would be such that the footsteps of innovative information will reverberate through your notions. I never doubt that you would be filled with the joy by being aware of universal enlightenment being enhanced from imparting this information to your colleagues which you share common ground with. 

You have a host who is happy to have provided the optimum requirements for you amongst this god-sent heaven on earth and correspondingly exquisite congress center.

Furthermore, I believe that you would also come into contact with a multi-faceted sanctification – a rare occasion in this country. I am extremely happy to have you as our guests in this setting.

With my most sincere regards,

Prof.Tuncer Karpuzoğlu

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